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BUILDSTR views engineering subject matter areas through the lens of Products that deliver business value and delight end customers and Platforms that serve as foundations for and enablers of products.

Product Development

Bringing new lovable customer experiences to life and renovating existing products with tighter feedback loops, integrated data & analytics, and less operational toil

Product Innovation

Turn ideas into opportunities—creating new ways to grow, increase efficiency, and serve customers better. Test and iterate on product-market fit through rapid prototyping.

Engagement examples:

  • Innovation Accelerator

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Full Stack Development

Product Renovation

Refactor or redevelop an existing B2B or B2C product to enhance the customer experience, increase operability, and improve cost efficiency.

Engagement examples:

  • Application Refactor

  • Application Rewrite

  • DB modernization

ML-driven Experiences

Infuse products and experiences with machine learning to predict behavior, leverage pattern recognition, and personalize recommendations.

Engagement examples:

  • Personalized experiences

  • Recommendation engines

  • Predictive analytics

Platform Modernization

Establishing the underlying platforms, shared services, and foundational capabilities that enable product teams to deliver business value.

Data Platforms

Establish a base of foundational data services and capabilities comprising ingestion and processing, storage and warehousing, and analytics and business intelligence.

Engagement examples:

  • ETL pipelines

  • Data lakes, data warehouses, data hubs

  • AI/ML

Operational Excellence

Become business outcome focused, transparent, collaborative across traditional boundaries, and rigorously pragmatic. Deliver and run applications at scale.

Engagement examples:

  • CI/CD, Automation, MLOps

  • DevOps & SRE Adoption

  • Observability

Cloud Foundations

Start (or restart) your cloud journey on solid footing with a cloud estate that incorporates security and operational best practices with tailored  organizational-specific controls.

Engagement examples:

  • Landing Zones

  • FinOps & Cost Optimization

  • Well-Architected Reviews

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