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Industry Viewpoints

BUILDSTR has particular experience solving challenges in five focus industries, combining a deep understanding of the unique business challenges with proven known successful technology patterns and solutions.

Financial Services

Shifting consumer expectations and demand for personalized digital experiences are forcing financial institutions to rethink how they engage customers.  Companies that embrace emerging cloud technologies and alternative business models are at a distinct advantage over their competition. 

​Create Personalized Experiences

Leverage AI/ML solutions to create personalized experiences, offers, and engagement to drive greater lifetime value of the customer.

Increase Agility and Scale

Stop maintaining old legacy financial systems and leverage next-gen technologies to deliver value faster.

Pursue New Value Through Innovation

Make more informed decisions that allow institutions to add more value to internal processes and customer transactions.

Elevate the Fan Experience

Leverage data to promote, monetize, and deliver personalized experiences while creating wider and deeper fan engagement.

Performance Analytics

Analyze data at scale to improve athlete health, safety, and unlock new insights.

Next Gen Broadcasting

Deliver exceptional quality viewing experiences globally, leveraging emerging technologies for incredible scale.

Sports & Entertainment

The world’s premier Sports and Entertainment organizations are using data-driven solutions to reimagine the way sports are consumed and played, elevating the fan experience both in the arena and from the home.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare payers and providers are navigating M&A-driven vertical integration and are achieving sustainable CAGR growth by embracing software and data.

Improve the Patient Experience and Incentivize Engagement

Create experiences and virtual care environments which empower patients and members through near real-time, omni-channel engagement and personalization tools.

Modernize Clinical and Administrative Systems

Modernize clinical systems such as EHR and medical imaging, reduce costs, and automate core processes such as revenue cycle management.

Increase the Pace and Efficacy of Innovation

Accelerate time to market for new connected products, patient experiences, and life-saving therapies.

Optimize and Streamline Operations

Leverage a foundational Industrial Data Platform to enable  use cases like predictive maintenance and real-time supply chain visualization.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness 

Extend the useful life of assets, reduce maintenance cost, facilitate Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) for an asset, and improve Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Pursue New Revenue Streams

Accelerate time to market; gain valuable insights into product performance; and set the foundation for powerful connected products.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing & Industrial companies face an environment in which innovation in actual manufacturing techniques & business model has skyrocketed, and advanced analytics have gone mainstream.

Travel & Hospitality

In an industry historically known for disruptive innovation, Travel and Hospitality leaders are adopting cloud technologies to build resilient and adaptive products to quickly respond to volatile market dynamics and increase customer satisfaction.

Identify and Adapt to Evolving Customer Needs

Increase guest engagement and sales through relevant personalization.

Provide Connected, Frictionless Journeys

Deliver a better customer experience by communicating relevant updates and information at the right time, across any channel or touchpoint.

Deliver World Class Customer Services

Increase customer loyalty by providing omnichannel experiences that anticipate and resolve needs fast.

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