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Building Smarter Products & Platforms in the Cloud


BUILDSTR produces customer business outcomes through cloud engineering services and talent solutions primarily focused in two critical domains:

Programming Console

Product Development

Bringing new lovable customer experiences to life and renovating existing products with tighter feedback loops, integrated data & analytics, and less operational toil

Offering areas include:

  • Product Innovation

  • Product Renovation

  • Data-driven Experiences

Metal Pipe Network

Platform Modernization

Establishing the underlying platforms, shared services, and foundational capabilities that enable product teams to deliver business value.

Offering areas include:

  • Data Platforms

  • Operational Excellence

  • Cloud Foundations


BUILDSTR has particular experience solving challenges in five focus industries, combining a deep understanding of the unique business challenges with proven known successful technology patterns and solutions.

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BUILDSTR cultivates top talent in the industry around cloud-native design, architecture, engineering, and operations

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