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Building Smarter Products & Platforms in the Cloud

Mark Oreta
CTO, JobTarget

"JobTarget is on the last leg of its technical innovation migration to the cloud, and wouldn't have gotten there as smoothly without the partnership with BUILDSTR. They joined our journey when we had another partner already helping with the modernization and were able to quickly design and execute a parallel workstream without impeding all work in progress to migrate all remaining workloads. BUILDSTR went beyond expectations by also providing quickly implemented suggestions for cost optimization and security best practices that JobTarget was able to realize the benefits for immediately. I would recommend BUILDSTR to anyone looking to modernize, migrate or upgrade your infrastructure."


BUILDSTR produces customer business outcomes through cloud engineering services and talent solutions primarily focused in two critical domains:

Programming Console

Product Development

Bringing new lovable customer experiences to life and renovating existing products with tighter feedback loops, integrated data & analytics, and less operational toil

Offering areas include:

  • Product Innovation

  • Product Renovation

  • Data-driven Experiences

Metal Pipe Network

Platform Modernization

Establishing the underlying platforms, shared services, and foundational capabilities that enable product teams to deliver business value.

Offering areas include:

  • Data Platforms

  • Operational Excellence

  • Cloud Foundations


BUILDSTR has particular experience solving challenges in five focus industries, combining a deep understanding of the unique business challenges with proven known successful technology patterns and solutions.

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BUILDSTR cultivates top talent in the industry around cloud-native design, architecture, engineering, and operations

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