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Amazon Web Services

BUILDSTR and AWS accelerate business outcomes in the cloud by empowering you to continuously adapt to your customers' needs while trusting that the hard parts like reliability and cost efficiency are handled in a proven and pragmatic way.

Mark Oreta
CTO, JobTarget

"JobTarget is on the last leg of its technical innovation migration to the cloud, and wouldn't have gotten there as smoothly without the partnership with BUILDSTR. They joined our journey when we had another partner already helping with the modernization and were able to quickly design and execute a parallel workstream without impeding all work in progress to migrate all remaining workloads. BUILDSTR went beyond expectations by also providing quickly implemented suggestions for cost optimization and security best practices that JobTarget was able to realize the benefits for immediately. I would recommend BUILDSTR to anyone looking to modernize, migrate or upgrade your infrastructure."


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AWS Partnership at a Glance

BUILDSTR has a deep and well-rounded partnership with AWS that provides customer value greater than the sum of its parts:

Select Tier Services Partner

As a Select Tier Services Partner, BUILDSTR has a demonstrated history of delivering successful customer outcomes on AWS and building a strategic partnership with AWS that embodies the Amazon Leadership Principles.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Digital Customer Experience

  • DevOps

  • Data and Analytics

  • Containers

  • Machine Learning

  • Security

Launch Partner

BUILDSTR is a go-to partner for AWS Service Team acceleration, namely the Builders' Experience (BEX) portfolio of AIOps, CICD, and backend-as-a-service products, such as Amazon CodeCatalyst and Amazon CodeWhisperer.

Alignment with AWS Services

BUILDSTR partners closely with AWS service teams to accelerate customer outcomes. BUILDSTR has deep engineering competency and strategic co-sell experience with these services.

New Product Builds

Full-function generation across multiple programming languages accelerates prototype and MLP builds.

AWS Service Integration

Quickly pattern integrations with numerous AWS services like Lambda and DynamoDB.


Generate operations patterns such as monitoring, and leverage native security code scanning capabilities.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon IVS

New Streaming Experiences

Quickly stand up new streaming experiences whether prototype or production completeness on a global streaming backbone.

Replace Your Streaming Engine

Replace your existing interactive live streaming engine with the IVS SDK for web and mobile apps alike.

Managed Service

BUILDSTR often manages the complete solution, combining a customized user experience with a SaaS-like delivery model.

Direct CloudFormation Templates

BUILDSTR starts customers down the path to platform excellence by defining the desired AWS estate in CloudFormation templates, which paves the path for repeatable deployment via console, CLI, or API.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

With the desired environment defined, CloudFormation becomes the underlying deployment service for CICD pipelines, whether through native services like Amazon CodeCatalyst or via API integration.

Higher-level Abstractions

Application code, configuration files, and infrastructure code can be now modeled, versioned, and deployed together with AWS CDK and AWS SAM, both leveraging CloudFormation as the underlying deployment service.

AWS CloudFormation

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