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AWS Migrations

Take advantage of the scale and stability of AWS, and boost your workloads with AWS-native services.

From rehosting to redeveloping, BUILDSTR migrates customers from datacenters and other clouds to AWS, unlocking the industry’s broadest and deepest suite of tools for business innovation.
  • Increased staff productivity. Eliminate undifferentiated heavy lifting, and focus your talent on what moves the business forward.

  • Reduced downtime. Build on top of the most resilient platform on the market, and benefit from increased availability and durability.

  • Increased speed and agility. Improve your time to market, and shorten the cycle of releasing valuable features and benefits to your customers.

  • Global scale. Expand to new countries and continents with only a few clicks, put workloads closer to your users, and ensure business continuity.

  • Cost & Operations efficiency.  Stop guessing capacity, toiling over manual and repetitive tasks, and dealing with a lack of cost transparency. 


Cloud-native Application Development

Build better experiences, ship value faster, and spend less time on minutes.

Focus on delivering a lovable user experience and iterating on business strategy while letting AWS handle complexities like maintenance and availability by developing serverless, containerized, and event-driven applications.
  • Faster feedback loops. Instrument applications to receive critical feedback on what is meaningful for users, and reduce the iteration time to deliver it.

  • Increased efficiency. AWS-native services and cloud-native patterns mean efficient workloads that are always right-sized for the job at hand.

  • Improved performance. Take advantage of the granularity to match each workload with the most advantageous pattern and AWS-native service.

  • Scalable patterns. Use serverless and microservice patterns to increase scalability, ensure performance, enhance maintainability.

  • Modern tech stacks. Leverage the modern tools and frameworks that make your engineering team more productive and help attract top talent.

Application & Database Modernization

Make the most of your workloads with modern architectures and AWS-native application & database services

Refactoring workloads to cloud-native architectures takes full advantage of the power of AWS, enabling your team to spend time on what matters to end users and the business.
  • Speed to market. Deliver new value to your users faster, and quickly iterate on learnings from real customer feedback and interactions.

  • Reduced cost. Take full advantage of the economies of scale of AWS and the ability to choose the most cost-effective services and architectures for each workload.

  • Improved performance. Dramatically improve the performance of your workloads with purpose-built application and database services leveraging both AWS-native and industry-standard technologies.

  • Future proofing. Control your own destiny by ditching restrictive, legacy licensing and adopting modern, open standards.

  • Tech talent. Attract and retain top talent by providing a modern, productive tech stack as well as value-added tooling and support systems.

Data Platforms, Analytics, AI/ML

Unlock the business potential of your data and provide data-driven customer experiences

BUILDSTR helps customers build a strong business foundation of data on AWS, unlocking insights from approaches as simple as business intelligence to as complex as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Make the most of your data. Rely on accurate and timely insights for internal business operations as well as infusing data into your customer experience.

  • Break up with legacy licensing. Control your own destiny by breaking free of restrictive, expensive licensing approaches from legacy data warehouse and data lake vendors.

  • Self-service analytics. Give your business users the ability to answer the known questions quickly and accurately, and provide the foundation for finding value in the unknowns.

  • Monetize your data. Explicitly monetize your data with customers and partners, or enter new markets and lines of business with ehanced capabilities.

DevOps & Infrastructure Modernization

Move faster and deliver better experiences with modern, automated development and operations processes

Ship value to your customers faster and spend less time on undifferentiated heavy lifting by leveraging modern, cloud-native approaches to automation, monitoring and observability, cost optimization, and security.
  • Reduced cost. Right-size your infrastructure and tooling for the jobs at hand, leverage the massive economies of scale of AWS, and only pay for what you use.

  • Operational efficiency. Eliminate undifferentiated heavy lifting, and leverage your team’s talent for activities that move the business forward.

  • Decrease time to value. Streamline the process and instrument the tooling that lets new features and improvements reach customers faster.

  • Granular Cost Control. Increase the visibility and transparency of workload costs in order to implement granular controls and cost optimization.

  • Secure everything. Weave security tooling, controls, and processes into every part of the application lifecycle as well as your environment as a whole.  

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Get started today

Get started today

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  • In the journey towards JobTarget's cloud migration success, BUILDSTR's partnership was invaluable, swiftly implementing cost-saving measures and security enhancements. Highly recommended!

    Mark Oreta

    CTO, JobTarget

    BUILDSTR delivered on promises and offered the strategic partnership we needed. They navigated our complex customer base seamlessly. Highly recommended for any development initiative.

    Ron Hart

    CEO, Adjusters Coop.

    BUILDSTR surpassed expectations, delivering swiftly with valuable insights. We had a seamless collaboration and their attentiveness left us eager for future projects. I strongly recommend working with them!

    Samantha Callaway

    Co-founder, Playdate Social

    In the journey towards JobTarget's cloud migration success, BUILDSTR's partnership was invaluable, swiftly implementing cost-saving measures and security enhancements. Highly recommended!

    Mark Oreta

    CTO, JobTarget